putting a piece of me

Well, at first I don’t know why I should write, before this I usually didn’t bother to conceptualized my thought. If I found something that I considered true, I’d try to live with it, why bother to write? :p
If in the end my thought is wrong.. well, I weep sometimes, but maybe I will ask for guidance and find another. Just that.
If I’m doubtful? then simply put it aside, not worrying until I have to. When the moment come that I have to choose an action, the doubt will leave on its own account. Sometimes circumstance helps us to choose, right? 🙂

But maybe the huge change in my awareness push me to write, simply because I realize that humans are subjects to memory loss.. even their memory about themselves. about their personality, their characteristic.

I just want this piece of me at a certain moment, can leave a trace when I look back in the future. And hopefully, there’s something that I can learn from it.


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