Di suatu titik saya menyadari..

Bahwa saya tak pernah mengerti seseorang secara keseluruhan..
Then what’s the point of judging, categorizing, and make a final assessment from a distance?
We’re all humans.. a complex, mysterious, and too sophisticated creature to describe.. I never know if one of us can be categorized as completely black, or completely white… this world is not divided by a clear bold line into good people and bad people… perhaps, we’re hovering in between, hopefully struggling towards goodness…
But we don’t have the right to make a final judgement..
We change..
We grow..
We learn..
Simply think the best of everyone… That way, the world becomes more beautiful.. warm, and welcoming.. šŸ™‚
Somehow I remember a line from Hamza Yusuf…

“You cannot make a judgement about a thing unless you completely understand the thing… To judge a thing is to conceptualize the entirety of a thing. It is a principle in logic and that’s why a judge has to know all the facts..”

We’ll never know all the facts… Our sight is limited to which we can see… our mind is limited to which we can think… beyond all those… we never know how much we don’t know.. let’s smile.. make friend.. and try to be better all the time… just like that. šŸ™‚

Dan yang terpenting..

Siapalah kita ini.. mencoba menilai manusia lain? Kalau kata seorang teman… who are you to judge people?
Kita sendiri akan jadi objek dari sebuah penilaian maha adil kelak..
yes, think the best of everyone.. jangan mengkotak-kotakkan.. apalagi berprasangka hanya karena kita berbeda sudut pandang.. we’ll never know someone completely.. even someone that we think the worst among us, can be the best person of all people someday.. I believe that.. šŸ™‚

One comment

  1. i would love to implement your fabulous premise, to believe in the best of people. But here I am, still carrying the heavy hammer all along my journey. I know it’s too heavy to carry, but I really can’t leave it at home. It just sticks with me šŸ˜¦ So I decided to at least hide it from other people, so that they won’t see that I bring this thing with me. Haa, a long long way to be free from carrying a hammer, but sure will be!!! aamiin..


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