Perhaps, it’s never really physical.
You can exhaust yourself all day but become totally cheerful when you meet your loved one in the end of the day. Perhaps you can do anything for her, if your mind under the spell of love. Heavy physical works will not matter at all.

Disappointment, unsatisfying life, unhealthy mental attitude.. perhaps they are the ones that suck up all the energy and leave you in lethargy. Loss of perspective, no sense of purpose, unhealthy society… are the subtle factors that leave you disarmed and defeated.

The question is, how to get out of the mess and recharge your energy again?
I don’t know..
Sometimes tears will help you cleaning up.. wash down the grief of disappointment, sooth the anger, make you see clearly.
Sometimes it is a moment of silence that will help you realize how noisy your life is. And how much you need to arrange the noise into harmony. A short moment of silence.
And a trust… to The Almighty.. and a hope.. and a determination, to be better.


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