Inside, I just don’t want to grow up..

As a kid, I learned to see the grown up as an annoying creature. :p
I read The Little Prince by Saint Exupery at the age of 6 or 7, when I was in my first class of elementary school.. And I feel that the book explained my feeling as a little kid completely.
Yes, yes.. the grown up never care about my beloved friends whose cat just gave birth to 5 cute kitten! they didn’t care! :p

Yes, they laugh when my creative mind told me to make an interesting invention! huh! They thought that it doesn’t make sense in their world, they didn’t know that it totally makes sense for us!! Then, if they didn’t know, they thought it’s impossible. And they laugh. Or they just pretend to be appreciative. Pretending. huh. That was my thought about the grown up. :p

Remember when Saint Exupery told us about the Elephant inside a Boa snake? How he tried to draw it with an amazing imagination but the grown up just took a glimpse on it and thought that the picture was a HAT? it’s elephant inside a boa snake! I cried loudly.

All the figures who were encountered by the little prince on his journey formed my perspective about people, perhaps, until this moment. Even though I was just a litle kid when I first read the book.. But I felt I could clearly distinguish who is the clown, who is the geographer, who is the King, who is the Judge, who is the businessman, and who is the my real life. And since that time, I try to be not like them.

But, now… I’m affraid I just crossed into the enemy’s side.. I’m afraid if I’m one of them.. 😦

Or I was. Because lately I realized again how annoying it was to be one of them. So, let’s consider I’m now on my way back to the kid’s side..

Still.. I feel something’s just not right.. It’s nature’s law that I have to be a grown up. I just can’t be the female version of Peter Pan that refuse to grow up.. And even if I have a choice.. will I choose to live in Neverland? No, I don’t think so… Even Peter Pan eventually decided to grow up (in one of the movie, at least), because he wanted to become a father..

Well, I believe there’s a way to grow up wisefully.. I only have to discover it.. 🙂


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