R3T (Really Really Random Things)

I just answered really really random questiona with something that comes to mind in an instant…


The person you hate the most? The Manipulative one.

Quality that you appreaciate the most? Humility.

What sort of person you will never want to get in touch? Boastful, arrogant person.

Do you know about yourself? Not sure.

How do you perceive the world? Harmonious and in balance.

What is your trivial but weird desire? To know how it feels to be in 24 hours of daylight.

Something that disturbed your mind lately? nothing (nothing that I can tell here, but many things that I keep for myself)

How many bestfriends you have in your life? Countless of cats, and several people.

Do you want to be a teacher? But what is essential in this life, cannot be taught. at least that’s what Oscar Wilde said.

The place you really want to visit? Antartica. Atlantis (does it even exist?), neverland, asteroid where the little prince come from, the moon (is it true a rabbit lives there?), egyptian pyramids, aztec ruin, etc.

What is your dearest wish? I keep it safely in my heart, to say it aloud makes me feel vulnerable. 


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