Putting too much of yourself

When Basil Hallward was asked to exhibit his painting, he refused.

“No, I put too much of myself into it. I am affraid people will see my soul through it.” He said.

Years ago, I always refused to make a blog.

When I ponder over that matter, somehow I realized that I, too, feels like I was putting too much of myself into the writings. Unfortunately, all of the “writings-with-heart” thingy, have been vanished with the broken laptop. I couldn’t save it.

This loss of “part of my soul” happened along with a sudden change in myself. Well, it’s a bit uncomfortable to put the matter here, but as a result, I became less and less care about what I feel. I am less vulnerable, perhaps. And I’m not proud of it. As it has succesfully made me having less empathy, and became a sulky human being. One of the good things is, I don’t think too much when I do something, such as when I write this blog, for example, :p

Well, I don’t know whether it is a good thing or not, the fact is, that now I’m constantly writing, because apparently I dont put too much of myself into my writing.


Aaah… this is again a random thought that occured at the wrong moment. Time to go to the lab!!







  1. ..ngasi komen ke kamu tu kayak nyelipin selembar kertas penuh coretan di bawah rak buku perpustakaan..

    “..you’ve had it all in your heart, not in ur broken laptop..”
    keep writing.., would like to see what ur heart write after being glassed..:)


    • Selembar kertas itu mungkin mirip sama manuskrip watson n crick yg cuma stengah halaman tapi dapat hadiah nobel, dibandingkan dgn KTI mahasiswa yg bertumpuk di perpus.. :p
      Tetap semangat buat PTTnya.. 🙂


  2. But i don’t think you managed not to put too much of yourself in your writings, Dearie. I was still startled at some facts that I just know now that I read your blog.. Hehehehehe. So, personality will never be off from someone’s writing, I might say 😀
    Love you and miss you loads, you know :p


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