coulda, shoulda, woulda…

Change is inevitable.

Every second of our life, something change, either inside or outside ourself.

What struck me is how my mind react to that change.

it started comparing the present condition with the previous one, weighing it… and most of the time it feels like something missing and that the past seems to be richer in color and light…

And do you know what will happen when somehow we can get back to the past, when we can experience the same condition before we change?

I believe my mind will start finding something imperfect, and want to change to other condition…

how strange…

why dont we live this present moment, fully.. without lamenting the past or worrying the future?

Whatever happens at this moment is the best for us.

From this point we will start.. it’s perfect, everything happens at this moment, it’s perfectly arranged. it is what it is, dont ever think about something that could’ve happened, because what should’ve happened, would’ve happened. don’t worry.


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