Day #1 Writing Challenge: 10 things that makes me happy

Hm… Happiness. My first thoughts when this word pops up are serotonin, endorphins, and depression. :”)

No, I am not in a negative mood. In fact, currently I’m feeling lighter than usual. My mood, I mean. Not my weight. >.<

It’s just I wonder how I define happines? Judging from what I can remember, sometimes happines for me is not measured by laughter, excitement, or warm, hazy feeling like when you’re falling in love. I feel like, happines is sobriety, and clarity.

And, it follows that whatever makes my head clearer will make me happy. But wait… Sometimes it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as going for grocery shopping and finding a cat on a window as I passed by.

Perhaps, happiness is always a combination of a little bit of this and that. In a balance.

For example, here are 10 things that I can think of making me happy…

1. Accomplishing a task
2. Cuddling up with cats
3. Living up to conscience
4. Seeing my parents happy
5. Forgiveness
6. Swimming
7. Having a patient telling me that her/his condition improved
8. Trying a new recipe and turns out to be good
9. Spending a day lazily
10. Spending a day productively

I know, weird isn’t it, sometimes what makes us happy is contradictory to each other. But, c’est la vie, they say. 🙂



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